Development with,, web services, ajaxcontroltoolkit

Web to manage subscriptions to diverse publications, it has CRUD functionality for publications and suscribers. It make uses .net 1.1,, sql server 2000 it is of interest to mention the use of Enterprise Library (ver. Junio 2005) concrectely DAAB for data access.
Subscriptions with
Web site update
Possible new design of the main site of this domain. To emphasize
the work in doing available the functionality of multilanguage
as much for the interface as the contents.
mvc web test
Application based on design pattern mvc 2.0 implemented in .net 4.0.
To mention the advantage that supposes routing in iis 7.0 obtaining
friendly urls so that it improves indexing and ranking in searchs engines.
Telecentros Google Maps
Application that makes use of Google Maps API to locate centers
with access to Internet in Valencia zone of Camp de Túria.
In addition it uses AjaxControlToolkit and Web services to autocomplete
input text with field address of bb.dd.
Personalisation of an online commerce, located for Spanish language
and currency Euro. Developed in 3,5, c# ajax
to emphasize the possibility that it has to sell products
"downloadable" and his very complete backend administrator with
ample possibilities adapted to marketing online.
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